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 2015 One Act Festival Entries [Awards by Ian R Sarginson, GoDA]  

The oldest, largest and best loved amateur theatre event in the city returns for another year, bigger, brighter and bolder than ever.

Wednesday, 17th June     

Gosforth Youth Theatre

[Youth Trophy; Under 16 performer Hannah Fagan]

Around The World with Class Six by Nick Warburton

Class six are well-behaved, hardworking and BORED, until Mr Parker, the supply teacher sets them off on a voyage around the world with Sir Francis Drake, aboard the Golden Hind.

Dronfield Players

Hard Feelings by David Manning

It is the aftermath of John’s funeral, and not everyone liked him. In fact, did he have any redeeming features?

Thursday, 18th June

Tudor Players

[Original script by David Lumb; Stagecraft; Open competition 2nd place]

The Song And Dance Man by David Lumb

As the Age of Variety is coming to an end, Henry Vance has to recognise that his career is following a similar path.

Act One Drama Studio

Echo Beach by Dennis Johns

A group of friends gather on a beach for an all night vigil to a friend who has died. Although still young, they are learning quickly what life is about.

Friday, 19th June

Fusion Youth Theatre

[Under 21 performer Isa Wood]

The Laughing Policeman by Rod Duncan

In the not too distant future, tyrannical rule dictates that all comedy in Britain is illegal. How long can three men defy the powers that be, to satisfy their cravings, before they land themselves in serious trouble?

Splinters Theatre Group

[Best actor Mark Holmes; Champagne moment, Frank’s face in cake; Open competition 1st place]

Overtime by H Connolly

This play tells of chaos at a retirement party. With a potent mixture of drink, unrequited love, a stripper-gram and an escaped tarantula, anything can happen, and probably will!

Gosforth Semors

[Open competition 3rd place]

A Cold Day in Hell by Rod Duncan

OFSTED, having taken on the responsibility for how schools, children's centres, teacher training colleges etc are run, have asked themselves "Why stop there?" We're not sure the Devil will approve!

Saturday, 20th June

Dronfield Players

The Donahue Sisters by Geraldine Aron

Dunya, Annie and Rosie Donahue meet after several years. They are all having problems with their men folk. But the Donahue Sisters stick together. They did when they were children, with chilling results, and they will in the future. The men folk had better look out.

Dewsbury Arts Group

[Cameo Howard Partridge; Best Actress Stacy Waterworth & Maria Bailey;

Best Director Steve Goddard; Inter-city STAR Trophy]

Green Forms by Alan Bennett

Doris and Doreen have comfortable jobs in a large organisation. But are they perhaps too comfortable? Is Big Brother (or Sister) watching them?

       [Adjudicator’s Award goes to the Gascoyne Family for their contribution to the Festival]

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